Are you tired of the costs and hassles of satellite or cable service? Does it seem like every month your bill keeps going up? Your favorite channels keep disappearing? Tired of service outages and equipment that never seems to work right?

We were too before we cut the cable! If you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your phone, computer or video game console, why does it have to be so complicated to enjoy them in the comfort of your living room?

It doesn’t!

Why do you have to have unsightly cables snaking around the house and holes in your walls when it seems that everything these days is going wireless? Better yet, why do you have to deal with unprofessional installers, confusing appointment times and costly service visit fees?

You don’t have to!

The next level of video service is officially here!

By combining the power and speed of today’s high-speed Internet services with specialized software, you can enjoy endless movies, sports games, television shows and more on any TV in your home. You can even enjoy your  FreeTVMovieBox in places that you might not be able to install satellite or cable service.

Trees in the way of the satellite dish? Unable to run new lines in your apartment? Home Owner’s Association riding you about a dish on the house? It’s not a problem with IPTV! If you have broadband Internet, you can enjoy television from around the world in seconds!

Simply connect your new FreeTVMovieBox to your television, plug it into a power source and enjoy! No three-hour installations, no holes in the walls, no cables and no crazy bills at the end of the month. Enjoy your television on your terms and experience the freedom of IPTV!

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about missing the big game or your favorite news channels. With live TV channels from around the world, you can enjoy the best programming available at the push of a button.

No pesky set ups, complicated programming or expensive monthly fees. Just plug-in and see how great it can be when you don’t pay for TV! We even include a manual with easy to follow instructions to ensure getting started is fast and simple!

Cut the Cord and Quit Overpaying for TV Today!