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Are you looking for a fix for the Exodus kodi addon or another Kodi addon with all of your favorite movies and tv shows to replace Exodus? You have come to the right place. Follow this youtube video to update the Exodus addon on your own Android box or Amazon Firestick and read about other options below.

Over the past years, we have seen hundreds of your favorite addons like Exodus come and go.

With the constant evolution of Kodi addons, Android Operating Systems, hardware, combined with the lack of programming skills, most Kodi box users are forced to buy a new box every 6-8 months.

If Exodus is the only Kodi addon you use or know about, I would suggest that you keep reading and get ready to move on to bigger and better things. 

There are other addons that offer the same variety of great movies, tv shows, movie boxsets, plus sports, cartoons, live tv and much more.

FreeTVMovieBox 4k Android TV Box will multiply your streaming options and save you from buying a new android box or Amazon fire stick every 6-8 months.

You not only get 4k video streaming with FreeTVMovieBox, but our online user guide will keep you up to date with links we find useful so you can update to new versions of Kodi and add the latest addons yourself in a matter of minutes without needing to purchase a new box.  Kodi will never have a “one-time-fix-solution” because each addon may developed by a different coder. These developers provide updates and support for their own addons but when they don’t provide updates, these popular addons like Phoenix, Genesis and many others fail, causing the Kodi user to look for other options. Many Kodi users complain about having to do some simple program edits to their android box from time to time. This is the result of consumers being exposed to free streaming content versus having to pay for cable, which is causing some to become lazy and very particular over something that is free. What happens when your current addons stop updating or that new trending addon is released and you have to have it? You will have to purchase another android box or fire stick to keep up if you are not familiar with Kodi. You need to and will learn the easy way to seamlessly and quickly update your own FreeTVMovieBox in minutes and avoid paying less experienced programmers to install a cumbersome build with numerous addons that don’t even work.

We have been programming Android devices and Fire Stick setups for years and know exactly what you need to reduce or cut your cable costs altogether because we have joined the Cable Cutter Revolution like you.

Maybe you are just looking for a streaming device as another option instead of using a cable box or satellite receiver in one of your rooms for live tv every now and then or binge watching your favorite tv show once an hour every day.

FreeTVMovieBox gives you much more than that. New and classic movies, sports, live tv, music videos, school and college level classes, podcasts, youtube videos, netflix shows, adult content, kids tv shows, Disney movies, etc…

We also include Netflix, Google Play Store and 123Netflix (just in case Kodi is too confusing for you).

Pro Sport, and DexterTV will have you ready for every NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB game in HD this year so don’t miss out!

No matter what your streaming preferences are FreeTVMovieBox is a steal starting at only $59.

FreeTVMovieBox is like Apple TV, Roku, and Firestick in some ways but offers far more free streaming content and freedom.

It easily connects to any flatscreen TV with the HDMI cable in the box.

After that, connect it your modem/router or wifi network and thats it!

We have even uploaded a user guide at to help you get going in no time and keep your FreeTVMovieBox up to date.

Visit our website at for more info and to order now.