unknown (1)We Make Kodi Simple and Easy To Use With FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and Android TV Box

What is Kodi? How does this Fire Stick and Android TV Box thing work?
Your desire to learn more about Kodi and various streaming devices like the FreeTVMovieBox Amazon Fire Stick and FreeTVMovieBox Android TV Box has landed you on our page.
We have been selling streaming devices for awhile now and have made FreeTVMovieBox user friendly and easy to use.
We are extremely surprised at the low quality installs and confusing builds used by many sellers and programmers we have studied nationwide.
Some scam artists on Craigslist are even selling plain Amazon Fire Sticks that haven’t been preloaded with the newest version of Kodi to unaware buyers for anywhere between $60-$200!

Many people hear exciting things about Kodi and the FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick or Android TV Box and run to meet the nearest person selling something similar on Craigslist, in a desperate effort to cut their cable or satellite and eliminate the monthly bill. This is not the best idea!
Because when you purchase the Fire Stick or Android TV Box, most sellers don’t provide a QUICK START USER GUIDE or FREE TECH SUPPORT to show you how to get past the learning curve. Most buyers are new to Kodi and even the Android TV Box and Amazon Fire Stick device itself so they don’t even know how to connect the Fire Stick or Android TV Box to their tv or home internet connection. Once they connect it to the tv, most people don’t know how or where to go to get into Kodi. Once inside Kodi, most people have no idea what they are looking at on the screen or how to use the different Addons and programs.
Many people do not know about the numerous features of Kodi linked with the FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and Android TV Box to include free college and grade school classes, free internet radio, and live international TV from anywhere in the world like India, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Greece, Africa, Japan, UK, Italy, Jamaica and any other country.

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Many sellers install “cookie cutter total installs” and “builds” on top of Kodi. This saves them customization time in their mass programming process but totally confuses new users and buyers. 

Builds can be very confusing because they attach many of the links in the build to certain unstable Addons. Once these Addons stop working, the new user has no idea where to go to find more content because all they know is to click THAT LINK on the BUILD screen. Once a build is installed on a Fire Stick or Android TV Box, the Fire Stick or Android TV Box has to be completely reprogrammed to remove it. 

We customize every FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and Android TV Box for the users’ convenience. This includes setting the proper time zones for addons, placing most used addons on the home screen, stretching screen size, and more. Without these settings done correctly, users are unable to stream sports and other live events.
We find it FAR MORE IMPORTANT TO THE USER to install several options for watching similar content and to explain each Addon.
We even educate the user how to add their own video and music Addons to the ones we have on the FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick or Android TV Box already.

Addons inside of the Kodi software go down sometimes, depending on updates and website availability. The best thing to do is BE PREPARED FOR THE ADDONS TO GO DOWN by having backups and staying up to date on which Addons are the best to suit your purpose…live TV, sports, movies, TV shows, cartoons, news, music videos, international TV, religious programs, etc.

We include a FREE USER GUIDE with every FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and Android TV Box local and online purchase.

Our FreeTVMovieBox user guide walks you through how to…

1. Connect the FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick or Android TV Box to your TV
2. Connect the FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick or Android TV Box to your wired or wifi network
3. Access the newest pre installed version of Kodi
4. Watch free streaming video content
5. Listen to free audio content and Internet radio
6. Avoid erasing Kodi from your FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and Android TV Box
7. Use the keyboard and other features on your smartphone/tablet to fully operate your device without a remote

Don’t let a novice seller rob you of the full benefits of Kodi!

Don’t get fooled into buying USB remotes with fancy keyboards and mouse pads. 

2 4G RF Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse Touchpad Handheld Android TV BOX HTPC BlackWe educate you in our user guide how to use your own smartphone/tablet to operate and navigate all the functions of your FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and Android TV Box!


Don’t be one of the people who pull out your dusty Fire Stick or Android TV Box just to watch a movie or a fight every now and then and say…
“Oh yeah, we have Kodi but we still pay for cable.”

Order your FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and Android TV Box here…


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