Welcome to FreeTVMovieBox! We are here to help you in your struggle to cut the cable cord and get access to live tv, tv shows, and movies without paying a monthly bill.

You probably landed on our website and blog because you googled…”Free TV options, cable tv alternative, streaming tv, kodi, android tv box, fire tv, cut the cable, fire stick” or something close to that.
Here, at FreeTVMovieBox, we understand your struggle for tv content and movies because we are in the same boat. We got tired of paying every month for expensive cable and satellite packages so we cut the cable cord and went with just high speed internet.
We came across Kodi, CloudTV, and other streaming tv and movie apps and services by operating our home theater and tv mounting business in Charlotte NC. “What are you going to connect to the TV?” is a question we ask each customer to ensure we conceal the correct cables in the wall. Over the years, the answer evolved from a cable box and DVD player to this box or this stick. I installed Time Warner Cable services and DirecTV satellite systems for over 10 years prior to starting my own tv installation and home theater service, so I was amazed at the growing popularity of customers replacing their cable with streaming tv alternatives. I cut my cable in December 2014 and have been cable free since.
I see customers struggling for content with over the air antennas, as well as using Netflix and Hulu with Roku, Apple TV, and even gaming devices.
The Internet is full of free streaming video content including live international and local channels and movies. Many websites and networks are making their tv shows and movies available through Addons available through platforms like Kodi and Cloud TV. ABC, CBS, HGTV, Bravo, and Food Network are a few of many.
FreeTVMovieBox uses the power of the Internet to make any tv a super smart streaming device!
With FreeTVMovieBox, you can watch any tv show shortly after it airs or anytime you want to watch it without recording it using a DVR or TiVo.
This gives you back complete control of your tv viewing schedule and puts tv at your leisure without pesky commercials!
Cartoons, kid shows and kids movies are easily accessible through our FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and Android TV Box streaming devices.
Sports? No problem? Enjoy every live sports event from cricket and rugby to football, basketball, and boxing.
We pre-install multiple live tv Addons for your convenience. Live tv Addons go up and down depending on auto-updates and their content providers. We do not provide any of the video content in any of the Addons. If an addon goes down, you can simply use another addon and wait for an update or simply replace it.

Our FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and Android TV Box is easily customized with learning apps, religious tv shows and movies like ITBN, and international channels from most countries.
Local channels are only available in major cities but you can easily watch local channels in your area free with a flat over the air antenna you can toss behind your tv. You can purchase a 50-mile radius over the air antenna from your local Walmart for $29.99.
Adult content is optional. If you don’t wish to have this option, it is easily removed.
Never buy another DVD or bluray in your life. FreeTVMovieBox lets you stream any movie anytime just by searching for its title.
Do you like music? Are you still paying for streaming music services like Spotify or ITunes? You can listen to millions of free internet radio stations worldwide using FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and TV Box!
Our devices are plug n play with a small learning curve so we provide a free user guide to ensure your questions are answered unlike most online sellers we have seen. We deal with customer all the time who have bought inferior setups on fire sticks and tv boxes from novice sellers that require reprogramming. We encounter confusing builds and total installer setups that bog the device down and cause buffering and freezing. If you have this problem, we can reprogram your device.

We can also program our custom build onto any Android smartphone, tablet, fire stick, fire tv, or tv box so you never have to be anywhere without access to tv again!

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