Are you looking for 4k ultra high definition UHD video content?

So…you just purchased a brand new 4k UHD (ultra high definition) TV and are looking for 4k resolution video content to watch.
Don’t worry! New TV shows, movies and other programming in 4K resolution are being created at a much faster rate in 2016.

Your best source of 4k content is coming from streaming media sources on the internet. Therefore, you will get the best content for your 4k TV from 4k media set-top box content sources like the FreeTVMovieBox 4k UHD TV Box. FreeTVMovieBox is compatible with any 4K TV.


FreeTVMovieBox is the solution to your search for 4k video content right now. Our super fast 4k media centers will give you access to every 4k video currently available on the internet as well as many free movies and TV shows in stunning 1080p high definition resolution.
We preload FreeTVMovieBox with every movie and TV show ever made to give you and your family endless hours of entertainment. Stream ultra high definition 4k TV shows and movies for free as they become available online.

Your 4K TV will need to compatible with HEVC (H.265) video compression encoding, HDCP 2.2 compliant and ideally should also be compatible with Google’s VP9 video compression (a competitor of HEVC). Almost all late 2014, 2015 and 2016 4K TVs from any major brand come with all of these specs built into them. You will also need an internet connection with a fast speed of at least 20 to 25 Mbps.

Below is a short list of other 4k provider and their current options…

Here are some other popular but limited 4k UHD video content options available from Youtube, your cable company, and DirecTV.


YouTube is the undisputed pioneer of 4K video streaming. Youtube has been offered streaming 4K clips on their website since 2010, well before just about anyone owned 4k TVs. Youtube is free to use on any web connected 4K TV.

The Youtube 4k video collection is extremely varied and mostly consists of amateur 4K clips submitted by users of all kinds.

We have already provided you a direct link to YouTube on your FreeTVMovieBox.


The Comcast 4K content service is still very limited and comes to you via the Comcast app that’s exclusive to Samsung 4K TVs. So far, the service, which is called a “UHD Sampler” only offers a highly limited selection of four NBC shows that belong to the studio, which is a subsidiary of Comcast itself. They consist of: “Suits”, “Chicago Fire”, “Coverts Affairs” and “Parks and Recreation”. All of these are free as part of a regular Comcast Xfinity subscription and Comcast itself promises to add a lot more 4K content to its service as they year progresses.

Comcast is preparing to unleash its own 4K media player set-top box, the X1.

DirecTV customers who own one of the company’s Genie HD DVR drives and a Samsung 4K TV have access to around 20 4K ultra HD movies that can be downloaded to the Genie on a rental basis. The DirecTV promises to offer these services to other TV brands in the future and have launched a 4K satellite in late 2014 as part of plans to launch a massive broadcast 4K transmission service.

DirecTV is offering trial broadcasts of live sports in 4K UHD, which will be shown to U.S. subscribers. DirecTV is expected to have a new 4K broadcast channel in the summer of 2016.

Do not be alarmed or frustrated by the limited choices in 4k video tv content. You no longer have to wait for your cable or satellite company to bring 4k video content to your home. Reach out and bring 4k ultra high definition video home to your 4k TV with FreeTVMovieBox. FreeTVMovieBox is plug and play and even comes with a free user guide to get you started.

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